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Common Core wins converts among educators

BY ERIN KOURKOUNIS Tribune staff Published: October 13, 2013 TAMPA — Groups of first-graders shift around the room, spending 15 minutes or so on each of a number of activities. Some read silently to themselves, others work on writing and still others listen to a story with headphones. All will get some time with the […]

Parents: Arm yourselves with Common Core knowledge

I recently read an article that summed up the results of polls that attempted to assess the public’s awareness of the Common Core Standards, among other things. The result of the polls indicated that most people don’t know much, if anything, about the Standards. The results, according to the article, are: Phi Delta Kappa and […]

State education officials: We’re sticking with Common Core

By Lyndsey Layton, Published: July 24 The Washington Post As the political debate swirls in some statehouses over the Common Core math and reading standards, most state education officials responsible for implementing the new K-12 standards are confident that their states will stick with the program, according to a survey released Wednesday. The survey, by […]

News Clips – Common Core

Michigan School Chief Defends Common Core before House Panel “Michael Cohen, president of Achieve Incorporated, who helped write the standards, said Common Core does not require anyone to collect data on students. No names or birth dates are involved and students are assigned identifying student numbers for the Smarter Balanced test, which is a component […]

What the Superintendents’ Say

WHAT THE SUP’S SAY. In its first survey of superintendents, the Gallup-Education Week survey found that 58% of respondents believe that the Common Core State Standards will improve the quality of education in their communities and 75% say the shared standards will provide more consistency in educational quality from district to district and state to […]

Students will go farther faster with Common Core Standards

By Craig R. Barrett and Michael Cohen Guest columnists Orlando Sentinel – June 30, 2013,0,4988544.story As the leaders of Achieve, the organization founded by governors and the nation’s business leaders to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for college, careers and citizenship, it falls to us to address the red herrings […]

Connecting Teachers

What does technology and Common Core Standards have in common? Teachers! Actually, teachers across the country are finding shared language through CCS and the internet. As an elementary teacher, I’ve had some wonderful experiences connecting with other educators this past year through websites, blogs, and twitter. My computer, tablet, and smartphone have exploded with Common […]

News Clips

Common Core critics are continuously spreading myths about the standards, but editorial boards, educators, district superintendents and the business community are stepping up to correct the record. Myths fuel attacks on ‘Common Core’ standards: Our view By The Editorial Board, USA Today June 11, 2013 Read More “Talk show host Glenn Beck warned: ‘Progressives have […]

Common Core Supporters Back Moratorium on New Tests’ High Stakes

By Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post Published: June 6, 2013 A coalition of education organizations and unions that support the Common Core State Standards issued an open letter backing a moratorium of at least one year on the high stakes associated with new standardized tests being given to students that are aligned with the Core. […]